Buy 100% REAL Instagram Followers India, Paid Indian Likes
Buy 100% REAL Instagram Followers India, Paid Indian Likes

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WHO ARE WE? was started in 2021 under the company bGlide Softwares Pvt Ltd having authorized capital of 52 Lakhs.

Later we shifted a1 insta in a newly incorporated company bGlide Infotech Private Limited.

bGlide Infotech Pvt Ltd is the 9th company to bGlide Group. The group had its presence in India, Singapore, Dubai & UK.

bGlide Infotech Private Limited

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We charge according to the total activities which we will increase on your instagram account.

Trial Pack

  • Paid Instagram Followers:
  • Paid Instagram Likes: 400
  • Total Activities: 500
    (Indian Followers + Likes)
  • Effective Cost:
    60 Paisa per Activity
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Days
  •   33% Discount Available*  
  • Regular Price: ₹ 449
    Today's Special Discount: ₹ 150
Buy Now @ ₹299 Only

Good Start

  • Paid Instagram Followers:
  • Paid Instagram Likes: 1,400
  • Total Activities: 1,750
    (Indian Followers + Likes)
  • Effective Cost:
    57 Paisa per Activity
  • Delivery Time: 7 - 8 Days
  •   33% Discount Available*  
  • Regular Price: ₹ 1,499
    Today's Special Discount: ₹ 500
Buy Now @ ₹999 Only

Big Pack

  • Paid Instagram Followers:
  • Paid Instagram Likes: 8000
  • Total Activities: 10000
    (Indian Followers + Likes)
  • Effective Cost:
    40 Paisa per Activity
  • Delivery Time: 35 - 40 Days
  •   47% Discount Available*  
  • Regular Price: ₹ 7,499
    Today's Special Discount: ₹ 3500
Buy Now @ ₹3,999 Only

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Supercharge your Instagram with our Power Pack and Ultimate Pack deals!

Please note: All the followers mentioned in every package are guaranteed but the mentioned likes are estimates only. Those estimates are based on our past results as we provide real users and can't control the exact quantity.

Power Pack

  • Paid Instagram Followers:
  • Paid Instagram Likes: 20000
  • Total Activities: 25000
    (Indian Followers + Likes)
  • Effective Cost:
    40 Paisa per Activity
  • Delivery Time: 80 - 90 Days
  •   50% Discount Available*  
  • Regular Price: ₹ 19,999
    Today's Special Discount: ₹ 10000
Buy Now @ ₹9,999 Only

Ultimate Pack

  • Paid Instagram Followers:
  • Paid Instagram Likes: 40000
  • Total Activities: 50000
    (Indian Followers + Likes)
  • Effective Cost:
    40 Paisa per Activity
  • Delivery Time: 170 - 180 Days
  •   50% Discount Available*  
  • Regular Price: ₹ 39,999
    Today's Special Discount: ₹ 20000
Buy Now @ ₹19,999 Only

Here are the questions.

  • Yes of course! As all the Instagram followers are real and active. They will like your future posts. So you will get 1-3% likes on all of your future posts. This is Organic Rate, We know the Instagram Followers hack.

  • You will receive the followers as mentioned in the package. If we are unable to deliver the mentioned followers on time, we will refund you 100% of unused money. You are covered with 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • Yes! 100% Safe. We don’t use any automation techniques. We are not selling you Followers or Likes directly, instead we are marketing your profile and you will get followers in a real manner. Your account can not be banned after using our services. Never buy any auto-followers, as buying the fake followers will ban your Instagram account.

  • We don’t promote profiles related to adult, gambling, illegal or hateful content. All others are welcome.

  • Very simple answer. We provide REAL FOLLOWERS on a cost of fake follower providers in the market. It is very cheap as compared to Instagram Advertisement.

  • As all the Instagram followers are real THEY WILL NOT DROP. Still, We give you 3 months guarantee.
    If followers drop more than 10% in 3 months, we will remarket your profile free of cost.

  • We have tie-ups with various Instagram Influencers, Indian Apps and Agencies from India. We will market your profile by those. As a result, you will gain followers on Instagram. As those influencers / agencies are from India only, so 100% followers will be Indian.

  • Hey Come On! is an initiative of bGlide Group. The group has been operating since 2008. We had presence in Dubai, Singapore, UK, and India.

  • No, we don't need your Instagram Password. We just need your Instagram Id.

  • You will start gaining followers within 24 hours of your order. Followers/likes will grow gradually until we complete the order.

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How to increase paid Instagram followers and likes in India
How to increase Instagram Followers and Likes


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  • Don't trust on instagram followers increase apps in the market, they provide fake followers. I always trust on a1 insta only.
    - Mohd. Azhar
  • Great service and I like that you gave us a trial before buying the main package!
    - Poonam
  • I tried buying followers on many websites. All were providing fake followers. Then I tried a1insta. A1insta provided me good followers. Now I have already purchased 10K pack.
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    - Dr. Purva
  • This is one of the best websites for Instagram followers
    - Surabhi Sharma
  • I run an IT company, and I have promoted several profiles of my clients via
    - Vineet
  • Initially there were some problems but thanks to Shilpa who resolved the issues quickly. The end result is excellent.
    - Dhrumi
  • Mein bahut tension me tha ki Instagram followers kaise badhaye. Maine khud bhi bahut try kiya. Bahut time khata tha. Ab acha hai, a1insta ka package khareedata hu aur ye mere liye kaam kar dete hain.
    - Salim Khan
  • Thank you a1insta team for growth of my Instagram page.
    - Name Hidden
  • If you are looking for instagram paid promotion, no one can be better than a1 insta. I review them 6 out of 5.
    - Pradhuman Singh
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Will my followers & likes drop in the future?

As all the followers are real THEY WILL NOT DROP.

We give you 3 months guarantee.

If followers drop more than 10% in 3 months, we will remarket your profile free of cost.

Non drop Followers

Two Steps to determine if you are buying fake followers or real Indian Instagram followers from a company:

1. Avoid the companies who are providing instant Instagram followers. Some companies are giving you 1k, 5k or 10k paid followers on Instagram in just 10 mins. They are 100% fake and BOT Instagram followers. They can never be real, active or genuine followers. Avoid them. Because real followers can not be gained in 10 mins. It requires time and effort.

2. If any company provides you only followers without likes. They are 100% fake followers. Do you think all 1000 or 5000 or 10000 real persons will follow you without liking any of your Instagram posts?

This doesn’t happen in the real world.

Real Instagram followers will follow your Instagram page as well as they will like your posts. So never buy Instagram followers only, neither buy Instagram likes only.

Instead you must buy real Instagram followers who will naturally follow, like and sometimes comment on your posts.


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